Aria Air Fryers RAF-595 Air Fryer, 2Qt, Black Body & Stainle…

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Bake fry grill reheat roast and toast your favorite meats breakfasts desserts vegetables and more faster than ever with the Teflon-Free Aria 2Qt Premium Ceramic Air Fryer! It reaches 400° in seconds using the latest most powerful Air Frying technology to cook faster than a traditional convection or microwave oven without the need for extra oil or grease – which reduces fat in your food by up to 90%! Roast mouth-watering chicken wings sauté sizzling vegetables grill tender salmon or bake rich desserts instantly to enjoy and share anytime Enjoy your deliciously-crunchy crispy flavor-packed favorites without the guilt! Our Ceramic Dishwasher-Safe Baskets and Crisping Racks are PTFE-Free PFOA-Free and BPA-Free to ensure you won’t get any harmful side effects that are possible with Teflon and they’re more durable and easier to clean We’re proud to be the trusted go-to for non-toxic Teflon-Free Ceramic Air Fryers backed by our Lifetime Our Ceramic Baskets and Crisping Racks have excellent heat conduction for even results and won’t peel flake or release harmful fumes! Featuring two Precision Dials that allow you to conveniently adjust your Cooking Time and Temperature at any point during the process it also has a slim footprint so it can easily fit in your cabinets and on your countertop! The Extended Full-Color Cookbook has exclusive mouth-watering recipes so you can get started right away curated by the champions of ABC’s Family Food Fight! It also features your favorite recipes including Vegan and Keto options from TV-Chef Mario Fabbri! Finally enjoy mouth-watering meals in comfort knowing that Aria Air Fryers are the ONLY Air Fryers with a Lifetime on parts & accessories and friendly customer service Endless culinary adventures await – with the Teflon-Free Aria 3Qt Premium Ceramic Air Fryer!

Your New Go-To Appliance! The All-in-1 Aria replaces your toaster, convection oven, microwave, deep fryer, and more while reducing fat in your food by up to 80% and eliminating the need for oil! Grill, fry, reheat, toast, and roast anything from crispy appetizers to mouth-watering dinners.
400° in Seconds: Grill, fry, toast, roast, and reheat your favorite meats, breakfasts, vegetables and more – All faster than a traditional, convection, or microwave oven! Most ovens take an average of 15 minutes to heat to 400° – but the Aria takes only seconds.
Safer, Superior Ceramic: Teflon-Free, Dishwasher-Safe parts are free of all toxins, PTFE, PFOA, Lead and BPA to eliminate harmful side effects from Teflon. Our Ceramic Baskets and Crisping Racks have excellent heat conduction for even results, are very durable, and will never peel, flake, or release dangerous fumes!
Dishwasher-Safe Parts and Accessories: Dishwasher-safe parts and accessories make cleanup a breeze so you can spend more time enjoying your meals
Ceramic Crisping Rack Included: Each Aria Air Fryer also includes a Teflon-Free, Ceramic Crisping Rack to place at the bottom of the air frying basket, which helps circulate hot air so it cooks your food from all angles for deliciously crunchy, evenly-cooked meals every time
Small Footprint, Giant Attitude: Lightweight, compact size of this Air Fryer conveniently fits on your countertop without taking up much space and easily stores in your cabinets when not in use. It’s also finished in vibrant, fun colors that match any kitchen decor
The Only Air Fryer with a Lifetime Warranty: Backed by our Industry-Leading Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty and Customer Service! All parts such as the Ceramic Basket and the Ceramic Crisping Rack are backed by Aria’s Lifetime-Warranty & live customer service. Enjoy your favorite foods with assurance that we’re here to help you anytime!
Includes: 1 Premium 2Qt Ceramic Air Fryer 1 Teflon-Free, BPA-Free, PFOA-Free Ceramic Air Fryer Basket 1 Teflon-Free, BPA-Free, PFOA-Free Ceramic Air Fryer Grill Rack for the Basket 1 Full Color Recipe Cookbook with Exclusive Recipes and Vegan/Keto Options 1 User Guide