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Product Description

Hand MixerHand Mixer

Hand MixerHand Mixer

Hand mixers electric on saleHand mixers electric on sale

Bear is a brand-name enterprise established in 2006, which has been loved by more than 50 million users, especially won the favor of a large number of young people, bringing users a relaxed, pleasant and shareable quality of life.

We are specialized in the research, development, production and sales of small household appliances like hand mixers, yogurt makers, air fryers, personal blenders, egg cookers, humidifiers and such more.

Specification of This Electric Hand Mixer:

Rated Voltage: 120V

Rated Frequency: 60Hz

Rated Power: 300W

Size: 6.77×3.19×5.83inch

Weight: 2.63lb

Speed Parameter: 770-1575RPM

2×5 Speed Electric Hand Mixer with 4 Stainless Steel Attachments and Storage Base

Bear 300W Handheld Mixer for Baking

This electric mixer is very suitable for beginners, mix ingredients for a variety of recipes from slowly whipping egg whites or heavy cream at speed one to stirring in chunky ingredients, like nuts or chocolate chips at speed five and turbo speed. This black hand mixer will become your trustworthy assistant.

Package of Bear Hand Mixer

1 * Electric Hand Mixer

1 * Storage Base

2 * Stainless Steel Beaters

2 * Stainless Steel Dough Hooks

1 * Egg Yolk / Egg White Separator

1 * User Manual

1 * Perfect Package

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

5 Speeds and Turbo Function

This electric hand mixer features with 5 regular speed and turbo function, it will meet all of your mixing needs. Bear hand mixer devoted to improve the efficiency of mixing and save your time.

Food Grade Attachments

2 beaters and 2 hooks made of stainless steel attachments, more healthier and durable than chrome attachments. Easy to rinse in water and dishwasher safe.

One Button Eject Design

Attachments can be removed for easy cleaning. Just adjust the speed to “0”, then press down the eject button. (If it is not 0 speed, it cannot be removed, this design is to protect your safety in case of the wrong operation)

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Easy to Store

Bear kitchen hand mixer comes with a storage base. All parts can stand neatly in the convenient storage base for not to lose in your kitchen.

Efficient Mixing

The hand mixers can rotate up to 1575 revolutions/min, make mixing more efficient. Different from an aluminum motor. The copper wire motor has faster thermal conductivity and lower noise, more powerful and durable.

Quick Cooling

Comes with multi-hole heating dissipation, makes this electric hand mixer long-lasting for service life. You can never afraid the motor will burn out.

Electric hand mixerElectric hand mixer

Bear electric hand mixer provides you strong power and efficiency to make your favorite cookie, mashed potatoes, sauce and so much more.

Warm Tips:

1、Make sure two dough hooks inserted into the correct hole and installed firmly before starting.

2、When mixing dough, please stop the hand mixer after every 3 minutes of constant operation and let it cool down for 25 minutes before next use, this is to avoid motor overheating and help prolong the life of the product. Generally, 3 minutes mixing can finish a dough;

3、When mixing other ingredients, please let the hand mixers cool down 30 seconds after 3 minutes of constant operation.

4、Do not put over 800g flour when making batters.

5、Advice to choose a mixing bowl that has plenty of room for the mixture.

6、It’s normal that dielectric oil on new motor will generate small amount of smog and be smelly during first time use.

7、Never put the main body into water, beaters and hooks are dishwasher-safe.

Hand MixerHand Mixer

🍩【5 Speed and Turbo Function】- Bear electric hand mixer will meet your any kitchen recipe in mixing dough, eggs, pizza or even cream efficiently. Adjust 1-5 speeds to meet all of your mixing needs and turbo function speed up for each gear. The kitchen hand mixer is perfect for a professional chef or beginner.
🍪【Super Fast Mixing】- This hand held mixer features with 300W pure copper motor, differ from Copper-Clad Aluminum in the market. It can finish 100g egg white in 30s with max speed and not create large noise. Thanks to its fast heat dissipation and overheating protection, the electric mixer is durable and safe. You can never afraid it will burn out.
🎂【Easy to Use】- Quite convenient to operate the hand mixer by one hand, suitable for beginners. The safety lock design ensures the attachment not come out when working. With 5.57 feet long power cord, it will not limit your operation. After use, just press the eject button to remove to clean.
🍰【Compact Design with Storage Base】- This stainless steel hand mixer comes with a storage base for the countertop. All parts can stand neatly in the convenient storage base for not to lose in your kitchen. 2 dough hooks and 2 beaters made of 304 stainless steel place on the base, not get rusty after long time use. Its 2.63lb weight and ergonomic handle make the hand mixer is comfortable to grip.
🎨【1 YEAR 100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY】- If you feel any dissatisfaction about this hand mixers, please feel free to contact us and we will solve your problem within 24h. Simply let us know anytime and we’ll promptly send you a full refund, no hassle and absolutely no risk on your part.