There are a lot of dishes and delicacies that you can prepare using animal meat. If you ever look at the nutrients in animal meats, you will always find how rich they are in protein. As you consume protein, it helps build your body as well as muscles. Additionally, proteins are also known to help you keep full for a long time. If you know how to cook meat, you will inevitably end up with a tasty dish right on your plate. You will surely like how animal meats help you have lean muscle mass.

However, if you have ever thought of cooking a dish with the meat, you probably know the biggest problem. Yes, you are right; it is the bones. Whenever they end up in your mouth, you will indeed find it incredibly frustrating. Additionally, when butchering meat, a lot of meat is also wasted just because the butcher ends up thinking it is more bones and less meat. However, such small problems can be solved using a straightforward yet useful tool.

The name of this tool is – boning knife. These knives are specially built for skinning meats. People choose them while preparing red meats. However, you can also use them to pierce and cut poultry meat and fish. With goo piercing and cuts, you will be able to make the tastiest meats all the time. After all, that is how the flavors get inside it. Boning knives can also be used for chopping. As soon as you purchase them, most of your problems will get solves within minutes.

Today, we have ten of the best boning knives for you that you will ever find. The ratings and reviews of all these knives are so good that you will surely get blown away. However, before buying a boning knife, you should learn how to use them. If you don’t, the tool will be useless for you. You can do that by watching instructional videos by professionals on the internet. Without wasting any more time, let us get going with the discussion of these boning knives below – 

1. SKY LIGHT Boning Knife

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On number one, let us discuss the fantastic boning knife by SKY LIGHT. This is a professional knife that is highly suited for fish, meat, and poultry chicken. As soon as you have it in your kitchen, you will be able to pierce the meat with it quite safely and with full precision. With its narrow blade, you will be able to maneuver the knife very smoothly at all times. It is made using German stainless steel, which is known to be one of the finest stainless steel ever known.

Additionally, this knife is also polished well by craftsmen before it reaches you. As it is equipped with a military-grade knife handle, you will never find it getting broken or cracked. You will also get a lifetime warranty on it from SKY LIGHT. This is the best boning knife that you can ever get. So, do not waste your time and but it as soon as possible. Its blade will never stain and will remain durable throughout numerous years. Corrosion will also never touch the blade ever.

Things we liked:

·         This boning knife is nitrogen-cooled so that it offers extra durability.

·         Its blade is made thin for precise cuts in meats.

·         You can use this boning knife on all types of meats.

·         It is made using German stainless steel.

Things we didn’t like:

·         We haven’t noticed anything in this boning knife that we don’t like till now.

2. Imarku Boning Knife with Razor Sharp Blade

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Like the boning knife, we mentioned one number one; this knife also comes with a 6-inch blade. This blade is very narrow and sharp. Additionally, it is also known for edge retention and helping in making intricate cuts in meats and other food ingredients. Many professionals use this boning knife in their kitchen, and they tend to love their performance a lot. Most of the time, boning knives are known to be quite heavy. Therefore, they become hard to handle for the person who is using them.

However, the manufacturers of this boning knife have designed it in such a way that its weight is highly balanced. It is also known to be highly efficient when it comes to skinning, trimming, and even filleting. Its handle is made using ergonomic Pakkawood, which is very easy to clean and will never slip from your hands no matter how greasy they are. As you keep using this boning knife regularly, you will find how you develop control over it. This way, cooking, and prepping meat will become very easy for you.

Things we liked:

·         The handle of this boning knife is solid and has a non-slip finish.

·         The blade is quite efficient in trimming and skinning meat from the bones.

·         The sharpness of the knife will last a very long time.

·         It has a balanced design so that you can move it quickly through meat pieces.

Things we didn’t like:

·         You are not supposed to wash this boning knife in the dishwasher. So, you will always have to clean it in the sink using your hands.

3. Mercer Curved Blue Boning Knife

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Mercer has been known quite well in the USA for always offering the best knives with advanced sharpness. This is the reason why many Americans vouch for their knives a lot. The knives that they build and make are also known to have a reasonable price. Additionally, most of their knives are also eligible for shipping in countries outside America. Today, we had the idea of discussing their 6-inch boning knife with a blue handle. It has such good ratings that you will surely be awestruck.

From the shape of this boning knife to its blade design, we are impressed with everything. Its handle is designed in such a way that you will always be able to have the best grip while you pierce the meat with it. The Santoprene used in the handle offers comfort while the polypropylene is used for maximum durability that one can have in a boning knife. For razor-sharp cuts in all types of meat, you will find this boning knife to be convenient. Its blade is made using Japanese steel, and it will never disappoint you while you think of making a meat dish.

Things we liked:

·         The color of the handle of this boning knife is very rich, which makes the knife easy to be spotted amongst other knives.

·         The shape of the blade and handle are highly effective.

·         It has a one-piece design for better stability and durability.

Things we didn’t like:

·         You can only get this boning knife in a blue-colored handle.

4. Victorinox 47602 Swiss Army Boning Knife

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With the Victorinox 47602 boning knife, everything is going to become very easy for you. Many people have used it and have the first-hand experience with it. You must know that through their reviews on the internet, they claim that this is the best boning knife that you can find in the USA. It is often seen that when boning knives have a curved design, they become easier to maneuver through the meat. This is why Victorinox was dedicated to manufacturing a knife with a curved design as well. 

Even though you may find many curved boning knives in the market, all of such knives will never match the flexibility of this knife in any way. As you use it on the meat, you will find how easy it will be to remove the pieces from the bones. This way, when the meat will reach the plate, it will be easier to eat. Moreover, the blade of this boning knife is also thin. With thinner blades, the drag through meat is better as they are known to be sharper. This sharpness gets maintained throughout, and you also do not need a knife sharpener often.

Things we liked:

·         For delicate cuts, this boning knife will be ideal.

·         After you are done skinning meat, this knife will help you cut pieces that are hard to cut with a regular knife.

·         Even when the handle of this boning knife is wet, it will never slip from your hands.

Things we didn’t like:

·         The price of this boning knife is comparatively higher.

5. Mercer Culinary Ultimate Boning Knife

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We are so impressed with Mercer Culinary Boning Knives that we cannot fathom explaining our liking. The build of their knives is simply perfect. As soon as you get your hands on their knife, you will never return to using other boning knives that you might come across occasionally. The majority of their feedbacks is just appreciation for their knives. This is why we stressed upon thoughts of adding another one of their boning knives in this list of best boning knives. This boning knife is an ultimate deal.

With a white handle and a razor-sharp blade, this boning knife will be your go-to knife whenever you think of butchering meat right at your homes. The best quality of this boning knife is that it is lightweight. Therefore, you would be able to finish taking out all the clean pieces from the bones quickly. The handle of the knife is made using polypropylene material, and it also has textured finger points so that you never lose your grip while you use it. Furthermore, NSF has also certified this product.

Things we liked:

·         The textured points on the handle of this boning knife offer extra grip to the user.

·         The blade of this boning knife is razor-sharp.

·         While cutting meats from the bones, you won’t have to put a lot of force and pressure.

·         This boning knife is very lightweight.

Things we didn’t like:

·         If you don’t wash this boning knife, often its white handle will become pale.

6. Mercer Culinary Genesis Boning Knife

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You already know how fascinated we are with Mercer Culinary Knives. So we guess we do not have to explain why we gave another spot to one of their boning knives on this list. This forged boning knife by them has a price on the affordable end. And even after being so economical, this boning knife will last for many years in your kitchen. Additionally, its sharp blade is also made using carbon steel from Soligen, which is in Germany. From that, you can imagine how qualitative this product is going to prove to be.

For added stability, this boning knife has a taper-ground edge. This will always allow you to have increased efficiency whenever you prep meat for your favorite dish. The blade is never going to rust, corrode, or get discolored. With a full tang design, you will also never have complaints regarding the breakage of the handle. Also, did you know? You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty if you invest in this flexible 6-inch boning knife. Get your hands on it now!

Things we liked:

·         This knife has a full tang design, so the blade will not get broken.

·         Its sharpness is so long-lasting that you won’t ever have to use a knife sharpener.

·         You can also use it for cutting and chopping ingredients.

·         The tapered edge of the knife will always allow you to have better stability over it.

Things we didn’t like:

·         You are only supposed to handwash this boning knife when you think of cleaning it.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Boning Knife

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Victorinox has also been one of the most famous names when it comes to boning knives. However, most of their knives are priced slightly higher. But if you ever decide to still invest in them, you will find that you won’t have made the wrong decision. It is the perfect build of their knife for us that has impressed thousands of people all across America. If you are unable to get your hands on a Victorinox boning knife, you can always choose to order it online. This way, the boning knife will directly reach your home. 

Its blade is semi-stiff. This is why it will remain flexible while cutting and yet maintain its durability all along. Like most boning knives, this knife also comes with a curved design. As soon as you have it, you must first think of learning how to use it; however, if you know that already you can proceed directly for prepping the meat of your choice. This boning knife will prove to be a standard tool in your kitchen. It removes meat from the bones with such ease that you won’t be able to believe it. The Swiss Army blade from Victorinox is everything that you need.

Things we liked:

·         You can reach the meat that lies exceptionally close to the bones as well with this boning knife.

·         It is suitable for thicker meat cutting because its blade is comparatively less flexible.

·         The working angle that the blade of this knife provides is excellent.

·         There are triple rivets in the handle of this boning knife.

Things we didn’t like:

·         This boning knife is not that great for skinning and cutting poultry meat like meats of chicken and turkey.

8. TUO Boning Knife with Pakkawood Handle

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On the spot eight, the TUO boning knife secured its place. The thing that we like the most about this boning knife is surely its ergonomic handle. The handle of a knife matters a lot. If it does not offer a superior grip to its user, the cuts won’t be that clean. And when it is a boning knife, it matters even more. When it comes to the Pakkawood handle of this boning knife, you do not have to worry. It is highly secure and covers the full tang blade quite well. You won’t find it challenging to use at any time.

As far as the blade of this knife is concerned, you must know that it is made using German stainless steel. If you know a thing or two about steel material, you probably know already how amazing and durable German stainless steel is known to be. Moreover, the blade in this boning knife is 7 inches long. This is the longest boning knife blade that we have come across in this list till now. This blade also has 15 degrees per sideshows. This way, you won’t feel a lot of resistance while you move it through meat pieces.

Things we liked:

·         The Pakkawood handle of this boning knife looks fantastic and is also quite durable.

·         The blade of this knife is also known to be highly flexible for easy meat cutting.

·         Its price is not high, so most people can afford this boning knife easily.

Things we didn’t like:

·         If you do not have proper control over the blade, you won’t be able to make appropriate cuts.

9. KOI ARTISAN Boning Knife

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Other than poultry meat, you can also use this superb boning knife on fish. Besides offering you high precision cuts, this boning knife is also known for its clean and easy-to-use design. With boning knives, you must be sure about having thinner blades. This is because if the blade is thick, it will be difficult for you to move it across. With the KOI ARTISAN boning knife, you will never have to deal with such problems. A majority of people in America trust this extraordinary boning knife with all their hearts.

Additionally, its blade is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Rust is known to eat metal. It is also never safe to use a rusted blade on food. Therefore, investing in a boning knife that resists rust at all costs will always be wise. Skinning all kinds of meat with this boning knife feels like a breeze because carving with it is always easy and spectacular. We have seen many people buy this boning knife. We have also noticed how they start recommending it to other people as soon as they learn how to use it.

Things we liked:

·         This is one of the most easy-to-use boning knives.

·         You can also try cutting fish with it, and you will not be disappointed.

·         You can also use this boning knife as a gift for your family and acquaintances.

Things we didn’t like:

·         The money that you will have to pay for this boning knife is higher.

10. Mercer Culinary Millennia Boning Knife

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We have added a lot of boning knives by Mercer Culinary, so we end it with the same. We have shown our trust in Mercer because we have seen so many happy faces using their boning knives while making their favorite meat dish. The design of this Millennia boning knife is so superior that you will surely fall in love with it. Other than that, it is also priced low; therefore, if you find yourself refraining from buying a boning knife just because of the high price of such knives, you won’t have to do that now.

With a 6-inch blade, you can make cuts in a different type of meat quite easily. However, this knife won’t work as great in meats like beef and pork. People mostly use it on poultry and fish. Therefore, if you like to make delicacies with red meats, you must look for other boning knives known to be handier in those cases. The slip resistance of this boning knife is excellent because of the textured finger points. You must stick to washing it with your hands and not putting it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Things we liked:

·         This boning knife is very easy to hold and move.

·         Cutting poultry meat is very easy with this boning knife.

·         It has finger points in its design for a better grip.

Things we didn’t like:

·         Even though you can use it in cutting all kinds of meat, it won’t work that gut for skinning red meats.

How to choose the best Boning Knife

Please go through the following aspects before you think of putting your money on a boning knife. We have lined them all after a lot of research. Let us discuss and describe them –

Curved Design

Mostly all boning knives are curved. This is because, due to a curved design, it is easier to maneuver such knives with ease. Most of the time, because of the bone structure, you might find it difficult to carry on skinning of the meat with a regular knife. This is where boning serves a great deal of help. Additionally, it is because of the curved design that the blade is also easily able to move. Therefore, if you do not find such designs in the boning knives of your choice, you must drop the deal as soon as possible.

Handle of the Boning Knife

One of the most critical parts of the boning knife is its handle. Along with the blade, this handle is also designed to be curved. Additionally, if the handle of a boning knife has finger grips, then it is even better. Such knives can be held easily, and you will never find that slipping from your hands unwantedly. Most people also look for the number of rivets in the handle. Generally, going with a handle that has more than two rivets is always a good idea. This way, you will ensure the maximum stability of the knife at all costs.

Blade of the Knife

When it comes to the boning knife’s blade, you must decide the thickness that you need according to the meats that you like cooking. If you love eating and cooking red meats, you must not invest in boning knives with extremely thin blades. This is because red meats are tough and thin blades won’t be able to move in the meat. On the other hand, if you like cooking fish and poultry meat, you must think of buying boning knives with thin blades as they are known to offer better maneuverability and piercing in those types of meats.

Manufacturer and the Company of the Knife

Most people do not think of this aspect at all. However, we cannot stress how important it is. We are asking you to consider it because buying a boning knife from a well-known company will help you score perks like warranty and return offers. We all know that boning knives cost more than other types of knives. In that case, if your knife comes with any defects, you will at least we able to return it and get it fixed without a lot of trouble.

Cost of the Boning Knife

As we mentioned earlier, boning knives surely cost more. Therefore, you should give a lot of thought to the price of the boning knife that you like. If you try surfing on different sites, you will get an idea of the average cost of these knives. This way, you will be able to decide whether the boning knife of your choice is a high-end product or not. We will also suggest that you must not go with extremely high end boning knives as they will only rob huge money from you. Such knives are meant to be used by professionals, after all.


Boning knives can help a lot when you wish to skin meat off the bones. Such knives can be used on red meats as well as poultry meats. However, finding a good quality boning knife is exceptionally challenging these days. If you are facing such troubles, you can look at the ten options we described. They are all known to be well-loved by a lot of people. You can also have a look at our buying guide at the bottom if you want to. Let’s wish that you find a good boning knife soon.

Boning Knives FAQ’s

Q: Which Is Good Material for Boning Knife Handle?

Ans: Usually, the handles of boning knives are made of metal, wood, and polypropylene materials. Wooden handles are good looking and easy to use, but they can wrap when kept in water. On the other hand, metal handles are sturdy and stylish, but they are unsafe and feel cold to the hand. But polypropylene material is an excellent option for the boning knife handles. This material is as stylish as wooden handles and requires no maintenance.

Q: When and How Should I Clean My Boning Knife?

Ans: You need to clean your boning knife properly after every use. Also, after cleaning the knife, you will need to dry it properly before storing it. Although most boning knives are made of stainless steel, water can damage the wooden handles. So, you need to ensure that you are taking proper care of your boning knife to use it for a long time.

Q: Is It Possible to Use A Boning Knife for Filleting?

Ans: Generally, a fillet knife is used to remove the bones of fish. So, it is also one type of boning knife. Because the purpose of these two knives is the same, you can use a boning knife for filleting and a fillet knife for boning purposes. But in the case of thick pieces of beef, lighter fillet knives may not work.

Q: What Is the Ideal Size of Boning Knives?

Ans: Boning knives usually have a size from 5 to 9 inches. So, you can get the right size boning knife for your use easily. They are narrow, pointed, and come in different shapes.         

Q: What Are Different Types of Blades of Boning Knives?

Ans: Boning knives come with different blade designs for cutting different types of meat. For example, boning knives with flexible blades are ideal for cutting smaller bones. On the other hand, the boning knives that come with stiff blades are suitable for cutting large and thick meat pieces. If you use flexible blades with such meat pieces, then they can easily get bend and injure you.

The boning knives with curved blades have a curve upwards from the handle. These types of knives are suitable for making a single swipe through the skin and easy to move through the flesh. Curved blades are also ideal for making slices through layers of fat without moving the blade back and forth. Straight blade boning knives are used to cut large pieces of meat with ease. The boning knives with narrow blades offer less resistance to cut through meat pieces, which makes them ideal for making delicate cuts. The broad blade boning knives are used to make portioning thick cuts through the pieces of meat.

Q: What Are Different Uses of Boning Knives?

Ans: Boning knives can be used for many tasks apart from extracting bones from the pieces of meat. By using a boning knife, you can remove the fat and skin of the meat before cooking. Excluding that, these knives are also ideal for cutting baked food and fruits and preparing meat before cooking.