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People love homemade bread. You can experiment with the type of bread and flavor when you bake bread at home. The only problem that you might have faced is while cutting the bread with a regular knife. You would have ended up with tattered chunks of bread. Cutting the bread in the right way is important when you are serving food to your family. What you need here is a Best Bread Knife.

The Best Bread Knife will enable you to cut the bread properly without flattening it or spoiling the bread’s shape or texture. You might be surprised to know that there are different types of bread knives available, and this fact makes the purchase difficult. In this article, we will help you in choosing the Best Bread Knife for your family. You can go ahead, and check out the reviews, buying guide, and FAQs about the Best Bread Knife in this article.

You can scroll down and check out the bread knife’s reviews, along with all the other details.

Top 10 Best Bread Knife 2021

Have a look at the Best Bread Knives:

Here is a 10 inch bread knife available from Mercer Culinary Store. The knife is made of high quality Japanese Steel, and the razor is easy to maintain. The texture finger points make the blade slip-resistant. The finger guard protects your hand while using the knife. The knife is NSF certified, and it is very safe for usage. If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use bread knife, then you can go ahead and consider this option.

  • It uses one-piece Japanese steel.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • It comes with a protective figure guard.
  • Nothing as such.

Here is another affordable and durable bread knife, and this one is available from Orblue. The knife has a sharp serrated edge, which makes it very easy to slice the bread. The knife also has a rubber safety guard to prevent any injury while using the knife. You can use this knife to cut cakes, bagels, pastries, crust bread, and many other things.

  • It has a long 4.9-inch handle.
  • The edge is very sharp, and it has a sharp tip as well.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Nothing as such.

Victorinox is one of the best brands when it comes to knives. You can go ahead and purchase the bread knife from this brand, and you have a lot of options. You can choose between 7 inches & 8 inches, and 10.25 inches knife. The handle of this knife is made of Fibrox, and that offers a fantastic grip. The blade is curved, so the back & forth pull cuts the bread without the need for any pressure.

  • Available in 10.25 inches, 7 inches & 8 inches design.
  • It has a curved blade to allow a steady rocking motion.
  • The brand has a fantastic market reputation.
  • Some people found it difficult to make straight cuts.

At number 4, we have a bread knife from Cuisinart. This is a global brand which is known for its quality. The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, and it has been forged for durability. You will be able to control the knife easily, and the ergonomic design makes it all possible. The blade guard on the tang protects your hand, and the brand also provides a lifetime warranty on the purchase.

  • It is made of high carbon stainless steel.
  • It has excellent stability & control.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Nothing as such.

If you do not mind spending a little extra, you can check out the Shun Store’s bread knife. This is a Japanese handcrafted knife, and it is the best that you will find in the market. The knife enables you to cut the bread without tearing it or without crushing it. The handle of the knife is of fantastic quality, and it has VG Max Cutting Core. The brand also offers free sharpening until you own the knife.

  • It is a handcrafted Japanese knife.
  • The handle is made with Pakka Wood.
  • It has a low-frequency serration.
  • It is the most expensive knife on our list.

The next bread knife on our list is from Imarku, and this is also a well-known brand. The knife is made of high carbon steel, and it is resistant to corrosion. The knife has independent serrations, which makes it very optimal for cutting bread & cakes. The handle looks great as it is made of wood, and the brand also has excellent after-sale services.

  • It is made of stainless steel & wooden handle.
  • The serrated edge is independent.
  • The brand has excellent customer service.
  • Nothing as such.

Here is yet another listing from Mercer Culinary Store, and it is a unique knife. The knife has a size of 9 inches, and its offset wavy edge makes it very easy to cut the bread. The handle of the knife is made of polypropylene & Santoprene. In addition to this, the grip also has textured finger points to provide you slip-resistant grip. Overall, it is an excellent knife for people who are looking for Best Bread Knife at an affordable price.

  • It has an offset wavy edge, which is unique.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • The knife is made of high quality Japanese steel.
  • Nothing that we could notice.

This is the second knife from Imarku on our list, and it is a 10 inches knife. The alloy in this knife prevents rust, and it ensures that the knife remains very durable. The rosewood handle keeps the knife insulated, and it prevents corrosion as well. The knife is excellent for cutting bread and soft fruits.

It is available in combo packs.

The handle is made of rosewood.

The German Stainless Steel is known for its strength.

  • It is available in combo packs.
  • The handle is made of rosewood.
  • The German Stainless Steel is known for its strength.
  • Some people dislike the straight serrated edge.

This is the second bread knife from Shun that we have on our list. It is also a handcrafted Japanese knife, and the brand is known for stringent quality control. The wood used in the handle is waterproof, and it restricts the growth of bacteria as well. This knife offers you excellent cutting abilities. The brand uses 34 layers of steel to make this knife.

  • The handle is made of ebony Pakka Wood.
  • It is a Japanese handcrafted knife.
  • The brand offers free sharpening throughout life.
  • It is an expensive knife.

Here is the last option on our list. This knife is available in 4 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inch size. The knife’s edge offers great slicing action, and the German steel makes the knife very durable. The knife’s handle is highly ergonomic, and the customer service provided by the brand is very proactive.

  • It is available in 5 size options.
  • It is available at an affordable price point.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on the knife.
  • Nothing that we could notice.

Some Essential Features to Consider while Looking for the Best Bread Knife:

While looking for the Best Bread Knife, you would need to look at the list of factors that would impact your choice. In this section, we have compiled all the points you must be looking at to buy the Best Bread Knife.

Type of Serration

You should check the type of serration on the knife because the different number of teeth produces a different result. The bread knives with aggressive serrations require a lot less pressure than the knives with rounded serration. The Best Bread Knife is the one with a higher number of teeth as it will prove to be smoother.

Blade Length

You must also check the length of the blade and the shape of the blade. You can buy the bread knife with a pointed tip to make it easy to penetrate the bread. The overall shape of the blade should be slightly curved as it will give you better results. For us, the Best Bread Knife will have a length between 8 inches and 11 inches. The longer the blade is, the easier it would be to cut thick bread.

Easy to Sharpen

With time, even the Best Bread Knife will lose its edge. You will have to sharpen it, and some people feel that it is difficult to sharpen serrated knives. To sharpen your Best Bread Knife, you would need a serrated knife sharpener. The serrated knives are not difficult to sharpen. It is just that they need your time when you are performing the activity.

Japanese & Hand Crafted

When we are looking for the Best Bread Knife, we try and purchase Japanese knives. Most of the Japanese knives have a fantastic quality, and they are built to last. You will feel the difference when you are using a Japanese knife. If you think that Japanese knives are expensive, then you can also look for other handcrafted knives.


We want you to look at the material of the knife. Ensure that the knife is resistant to rusting. The Best Bread Knife for us is the one that is made of high carbon stainless steel. Such knives are not only durable, but they do not lose their edge easily.

Cost & Warranty

Best Bread Knife can be expensive, and we would recommend you to set your budget before buying it. You can then shortlist the knives that are within your spending limit. Some brands are proud of their products, and these brands even offer a lifetime warranty on their bread knives.


The last point in our buying guide for the Best Bread Knife is the grip. Ensure that the grip of your bread knife is good enough to let you handle the knife precisely. You can also check the material of the grip used and the length of the tang.

Bottom Line

This page covers all the details that you would need to buy the Best Bread Knife. You can go through the buying guide and make the selection depending on the needs. If you are using the bread knife for the first time, it makes sense to practice a little before you start using the knife at the dining table. These knives do not require a lot of care. You can wash them under the running water and store them after drying them. If you are looking for the Best Bread Knife, we recommend you to buy a handcrafted Japanese knife. If you still have any questions, you can reach out to us, and we will revert at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Bread Knife

Q: Can I sharpen the Best Bread Knife?

Ans: Yes, you can sharpen your Best Bread Knife. You would need a serrated knife sharpener to sharpen your bread knife. The process takes some time, but it is worth sharpening your bread knife as it will save you a lot of money. 

Q: Can I use my Best Bread Knife to cut meat?

Ans: You can use the bread knife to cut squishy fruits and vegetables, but we would not recommend you to use the bread knife to cut meat or anything hard.

Q: How to slice a loaf of bread?

Ans: Using the Best Bread Knife is very easy. You need to hold the food with one hand and cut it with the other hand. To cut the bread, draw the knife back & forth. You would not have to exert any pressure, and the serrations on the knife will do the job.

Q: What are the caring instructions for the Best Bread Knife?

Ans: The bread knives do not require you to perform any extra step. After every use, wash your Best Bread Knife under the running water, and dry it before you store the knife. It is simple to maintain, and drying the knife properly would ensure that it doesn’t rust.

Q: How much does the Best Bread Knife cost?

Ans: You can easily find a bread knife for between $10 & &80. Some of the handcrafted Japanese Best Bread Knife will cost you a lot, and you might have to spend more than $200 for them.