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When we talk about pans, the first and foremost name you get to hear is the cast iron pans. But did you know that most of the professional chefs opt for the carbon steel pans compared to the cast iron pans? Carbon steel pans are a combination of Carbon and steel metals. They are similar to the cast iron pans, light in weight, smooth surface, and work like cast iron pans. Choosing the best carbon steel pan can be durable and versatile as well.

You can use it for baking, searing, broiling, campfire, frying, stir-frying and many other ways. Due to their popularity, many brands make the best pans. From so many pans, you need to pick the best carbon steel pan for your kitchen. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time or don’t want to waste money, here is the list of the best ten carbon steel pans available in the present market.

Top 10 Best Carbon Steel Pans 2021

Have a look at the list of some of the best carbon steel pans in the present market:

The first product on the list is Lodge Store 8-Inch Carbon Steel Skillet. This is an 8-inch best carbon steel pan that comes in black color. It is also available in other sizes. 12-gauge carbon steel is used in the making of this pan. It heats up very quickly and will also hold heat for a long time. It is safe to use on electric, gas, open fire, outdoor grills and induction stovetops. You can clean manually.

  • 12-gauge carbon steel.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • It is compatible with different stovetops.
  • It is not pre-seasoned pan.

BK Cookware 10-Inch Carbon Steel Pan is the best carbon steel pan in the present market. It is a 10-inch pan but is also available in 8-inch, 11-inch and 12 inches. It is available in black color. Carbon steel is used in the making of this pan. The pan is very light in weight and also comes with a long handle. The material used is very strong and highly durable. It is free of corrosion and stains. It is suitable for all stovetops.

  • It is a 10-inch carbon steel pan.
  • It comes with a long handle.
  • Suitable for all stovetops.
  • The handle is very delicate.

De Buyer Store 12.5-inch Carbon Steel Fry Pan is one of the best carbon steel pan in this list. This is a 12.5 inches pan, but it is also available in other sizes. The pan comes in Silver color. It is made using pure and natural steel and carbon. It is made naturally non-stick, and no chemicals are used for making it non-stick. It comes with two handles – one long handle and a small handle for holding it better.

  • It is made using 100 percent carbon and steel.
  • It comes with non-stick property naturally.
  • It is 12.5 inches pan.
  • No cons so far.

Find the best carbon steel pan is not tough anymore as we have Merten & Storck 10-Inch Carbon Steel Frying Pan. This pan comes in black color. Carbon steel is used in the making of this pan. It is a 10-inch frying pan, which comes with a long handle. It is safe to use in oven at a temperature no higher than 600 degrees F. It is a pre-seasoned pan and does not require seasoning. It is safe on an induction stove as well.

  • It is a 10-inch frying pan.
  • It is oven safe.
  • Suitable for induction stoves.
  • It is not a non-stick pan.

When looking for a best carbon steel pan, you will have to consider only the top models and brand. Here is one such product, Matfer Bourgeat 10.25-Inch Steel Round Frying Pan. It comes in steel color and is made using Carbon steel. It has to be seasoned on medium heat before you start using the pan. It is a 10.24-inch pan, which comes with a steel handle. The handle is long enough to hold the pan better.

  • It is 10.25 inches frying pan.
  • It has a long handle.
  • It is made using carbon steel.
  • It is not pre-seasoned.

DeBuyer 10.25 inches Carbon Steel Frying Pan is another good option for those who are looking for the best carbon steel pan. This pan is 10.24 inches in diameter but is available in another ten sizes. That makes it easy to pick the size of your choice. It heats up faster and reached the desired temperature in no time. It also maintains the temperature for faster cooking. It comes with a long riveted handle. It has to be seasoned before using it for the first time.

  • It is a 10.25 inches pan.
  • It is available in many other sizes.
  • It heats up faster.
  • It is not pre-seasoned pan.

You don’t have to search for a best carbon steel pan anymore as we have Mauviel M’Steel 11 Inch Carbon Steel Nonstick Fry Pan. It is also available in four more sizes. It came in black steel color and made using carbon steel. The handle of the pan is made using Iron. The pan heats up faster. It can be used on almost all types of stovetops, and it has to be seasoned before first use.

  • It is an 11-inch frying pan but available in other sizes.
  • It comes in black steel color.
  • It has an iron handle.
  • It has to be seasoned before first use.

Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pan/ Wok is a good frying pan. This is a pan cum wok. You can use it well for tossing food. It is one of the best carbon steel pan for making Chinese dishes like stir-frying. The handle of the pan is made using wood. It is a 14-inch pan that comes with a round bottom. It is suitable only for gas stovetops.

  • It is used as a wok and pan.
  • It is a 14-inch pan.
  • It has a wooden handle.
  • It is not suitable for induction stovetops.

No products found.

If you are looking for the best Carbon steel pan that can be used on all kinds of stovetops, then SKYLIGHT 12.5-inch Carbon Steel Pan is a great choice. It can be used on electric stove, induction, gas stove and open fire as well. It is made using 100 percent carbon steel only. The pan’s handle can be detached, making it easy for you to use in the oven, but not at a temperature higher than 550 degrees F.

  • 12.5 inches frying pan.
  • It is suitable for all stovetops.
  • The handle can be detached.
  • It comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • No cons so far.

MINERAL B Round 9.5-Inch Carbon Steel Omelet-pan is the last product on the list and the best carbon steel pan. It is a 9.5 inches pan made using carbon steel. It comes in black steel color. It comes with natural seasoning and gets better as you continue using the pan. It should not be cleaned with detergent. The long handle makes it easy for you to hold the pan.

  • It is a 9.5 inches pan.
  • It comes in black steel color.
  • It has a long handle.
  • Food sticks easily.

What to Consider Before Buying Carbon Steel Pans – Buying Guide

When you have several options in front of you, it is very common for you to get confused about which one to pick. It is the same as the best carbon steel pan. There are various models and designs available in the present market, and it can be tough to choose. So, here we have listed what has to be considered before buying a carbon steel pan so that you can take home the best quality product.

The Size:

If you look at the basics of selecting any cookware, it is the size that matters the most. The process of selecting the size is also very simple. You just need to consider the number of persons you are going to cook for. That makes it easy for you to get the right size carbon steel pan. If you are not sure about the best carbon steel pan’s size, then it is safe to get more than one pan of different sizes.

The Weight:

Pans are made using different materials, but most of your select best carbon steel pan and not the iron pans. There is a reason behind it, and that is the weight. Carbon steel pans are light in weight, making it easy for you to hold, carry and use compared to the iron pans. So, always make sure that your carbon steel pan is light in weight.

Non-stick coating:

The non-stick coating is preferred as it keeps the food from sticking to the surface of the pan. But a lot of chemicals will be used in the coating, and that can react with the food that you cook in the pan. So, it is always safe to use a natural pan or a pre-seasoned pan, but not a non-stick coated pan. The coating wears off due to high temperatures.

The Handle:

When choosing the best carbon steel pan, it is very important to make sure that you are checking the handle. Whether the pan is heavy or light, having a strong and long handle is very important. It is also good if the handle is made of wood or comes with a silicone grip. The handle does not get heated up even when you are cooking food in it.

The Thickness:

The next important feature that you need to consider while buying the best carbon steel pan is the pan’s thickness. Most common thickness of these pans is 2 mm to 3 mm. This thickness will make sure that the heat is distributed well, and the food is cooked perfectly. But if the thickness is less than 2 mm, then there are chances of food to get burned. So, you need to be very careful while selecting a carbon steel pan.

Flat bottom pans:

Flat bottom pans are the best choice because they sit still on the stovetops without sliding or toppling. Along with that, the heat distribution is also even with a flat bottom pan. Best carbon steel pan comes with a flat bottom only.

Bottom Line

So, which pan do you think is the best carbon steel pan from the above list? Just compare all the above pans and make sure that you choose something that meets your requirements exactly. Carbon steel pans are very useful, so get one home today!!!

Frequently asked questions about Carbon Steel Pans

Q: Is carbon steel pan safe?

Ans: Yes, they are very safe to use. Carbon steel pans are a combination of Steel and Carbon. They do not react with the food that you are cooking in the pan. They also come with natural seasoning with vegetable oil, which is very safe for you.

Q: Can I use carbon steel pans on gas stove?

Ans: Yes, you can use a carbon steel pan on the gas stove. But remember that not all the carbon steel pans are compatible with gas stoves. Hence you need to check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that the pan can be used on the gas stove. 

Q: How long does it take to season my carbon steel pan in the oven?

Ans: You need to apply any vegetable oil to the pan and leave it inside the oven for one hour at a temperature of 400 degrees F. You should leave the pan inside the oven till it is completely cool. That is all you need to do, and it is seasoned and ready to use.

Q: Can I use a carbon steel pan for baking?

Ans: Yes, a carbon steel pan can be used in multiple ways, and baking is one of them. But you should make sure that the pan is season properly for baking. A well-seasoned pan will not let the food stick to the surface, which is very important in baking.

Q: Can I clean the carbon steel pan in the dishwasher? 

Ans: No, you should never clean the carbon steel pan in the dishwasher. Hand wash is the most preferred way to clean the pan.