10 Best Immersion Blender 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Blenders are one of the essential kitchen appliances that most of the homemakers love to use in their daily cooking tasks. A traditional blender can offer high power to crush and do all the hard blending tasks, but some limitations also present with the ordinary blenders. Like they don’t look very modern, and many people don’t prefer to add in their kitchen appliance collection because they want to give a more modern look to their kitchen. You can choose a compact, modern-looking, and easy maintenance of immersion blender instead of going with a traditional blender with different blending containers.

Yeah, it’s true that immersion blenders can’t offer the high blending performance like the traditional blenders. But it will be going to worth spending money on an immersion blender because of its other fantastic features. Basically, an immersion blender can give you the freedom to get rid of the kitchen messes problem, mainly when you are doing blending tasks such as puree making, smoothie preparation, etc.

Ten Best Immersion Blender For Both Modern And Normal Kitchen Needs:

It can be difficult while selecting a perfect immersion blender out of hundreds of options. This post is going to help you a lot to choose the best immersion blender that will suit your kitchen needs. It’s because we are going to add a list of ten best immersion blenders after tough product research and consider too many points. So, without wasting time, let’s get straight jump into this fantastic immersion blender’s post.

1. All-Clad KZ750D Immersion Blender

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After keeping the simplicity but higher performance factors in mind, we have decided to put something special on the first spot. So, here we are with the All-Clad KZ750D Immersion Blender on the very first spot. It is a multi-purpose use of immersion blender with an elegant and compact design. You can use it to making purees, making smoothies, whip the mayo and egg whites, etc. All the variety of blending tasks only possible because of 600watts of higher power motor that the manufacturers have provided.

The length factor plays a huge role in making an immersion blender useful because the long lengths of the blender allow you to blend in any deeper container. And thankfully, here you are getting a longer shaft, which seems more than enough for almost all blending tasks.

Top Features:

  • The stainless steel material is not only for amazing durability, but the shiny finishing of steel makes it a modern looking blender.
  • Blades are not that sharp of this immersion blender machine, but they are sharp enough to perform routine blending tasks.
  • The overall size of this blender is pretty compact, which allows you to store it in any congested space in your kitchen.

2. Braun MQ9037X Hand Immersion Blender

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If you are looking for a full-fledged type of immersion or hand blender, then you should give a try to this pack of an immersion blender. The Braun MQ9037X Hand Immersion Blender comes with some highly usable attachments, and you can use these attachments according to your different blending tasks. The best part that we liked the most is that the head of this blending machine is detachable, so you can easily detach it and clean it without having too much trouble.

It’s a premium segment of immersion blender; that is why you have to invest a bit of extra money in adding it into your kitchen appliance’s collection. But the features that this blending machine is offering are more valuable than its price, in short, you can expect the next level of experience with this blender.

Top Features:

  • It comes with an easy click plus system, which allows you to change the attachments quickly.
  • You can control the speed of the primary motor of this immersion blender without stopping your blending task.
  • The overall build quality is just amazing because it comes with high-quality plastic and stainless steel combo.

3. AmazonBasics Immersion Hand Blender

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Understandably, many homemakers don’t want to invest a higher amount of money to get a single kitchen appliance. Right? So, if you are also looking for a budget segment of an immersion blender, this one can offer you more value than others. The AmazonBasics Immersion Hand Blender is providing excellent features at the half price of a premium hand blender.

It’s a budget segment of a hand blender, but the manufacturers are still offering some attachments and measuring plus extra containers out of the box. The overall build quality seems pretty nice because of durable and lightweight plastic material. The length section is looking very similar to other blenders, which means you don’t need to compromise in this section.

Top Features:

  • A decently powered 300watts of the motor can serve you perfectly during almost all regular blending tasks.
  • It allows you to control the main motor’s speed by just clicking one button.
  • You don’t need to worry about the cleaning of this blender because of its dishwasher safe kitchen appliance.

4. Cuisinart CSB-76BC Immersion Hand Blender

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Cuisinart is one of the most famous manufacturers who are providing the most value to their customers instead of just charging too high. The Cuisinart CSB-76BC Immersion Hand Blender is another example of this because its price might seem a bit high, but it comes with various marvelous features. First, the build quality of this hand blender is incredible because you will get the perfect combination of high-quality stainless steel and plastic material.

The lightweight plus compact design is making it a perfect hand blender to hold it for a long time during standard blending work. A measurement jar or cup also comes out of the box; you can use it in your daily kitchen uses.

Top Features:

  • You can easily detach the shaft of this blender from the motor; this is how it becomes the dishwasher compatible hand blender.
  • Simple push-button present here to control the speed of the main motor.
  • If you are looking for a hand blender, particularly for preparing smoothie mixes, it seems a good one.

5. Smeg Hand Blender HBF01 BLUS

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Are you looking for a hand blender that can offer a high performance to do almost all types of blending tasks? If yes, then make sure to give a try to this spot of the hand blender. The Smeg Hand Blender HBF01 BLUS comes with a high power 300watts to 700watts of the motor. The main blades of this blender are supporting its higher performance by their sharpness.

The turbo boost features allow you to control and increase the motor rotating speed by just clicking or pressing one button. Not only the power segment but also the looks of this blender are fantastic, the black color with shiny finishing is differentiating it from others.

Top Features:

  • High-quality plastic plus a bit of unique finishing of stainless steel are the main elements that are making it durable as well as adorable.
  • The turbo boost feature is allowing you to boost the motor speed without stopping your blending work.
  • Ergonomic plus lightweight is perfect for holding it for a long time without having wrist pain.

6. miallegro 9090G MiTutto Immersion Blender

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We talked about a powerful impression blender on the last spot, but what if you want high power at a low budget segment? In this situation, you should give a try to Miallegro 9090G MiTutto Immersion Blender. Actually, it comes with the powerful 550 watts of main rotation motor, and it is insane to get a powerful motor at the half price of a premium blender.

There are many attachments present in the box content; you can use them to make your experience better with this hand blender. Not only this, but the manufacturers have also offered some containers and jars out of the box with this MiTutto immersion blender.

Top Features:

  • The white and green color combination is looking pretty attractive for each item of this pack.
  • Talking about the build quality, so the build quality is not that bad because of decent plastic and stainless steel material.
  • You are getting all of these features in this hand blender at a very low price.

7. Cuisinart CSB-33 QuikPrep Hand Blender

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If you are looking for something that can offer the right amount of reliability and performance, then this Cuisinart’s old model of hand blender can be the right choice for you. Here you are getting a decently powered main motor that will help you in multiple blending tasks.

The full plastic body and the stainless steel shaft design is, particularly for the lightweight design. However, the manufacturers have also offered a plastic jar as well for your daily kitchen uses. The Cuisinart manufacturers have tried to keep this hand blender’s price low to make it accessible for people dealing with low budget issues.

Top Features:

  • There is no need to put extra effort while cleaning because it needs only gentle scrubbing and wiping.
  • Two primary motor speed control is an additional feature to improve the overall experience of a user with it.

8. KitchenAid KHB2561ACS Hand Blender

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KitchenAid company is famous because of its excellent kitchen appliances, which most professionals and experts recommend going with this brand. Here we have the KitchenAid KHB2561ACS Hand Blender that is a premium category of hand blender with a ton of different but useful features. You can get an idea about its useability plus popularity by just taking a look at its ratings on online stores.

There are several attachments, and additional accessories come with this hand blender like blades, shaft attachments, jars, and so on. The primary motor of this blender has a decent power to crush, chop, and blend many food items.

Top Features:

  • All the plastic attachments, accessories, and parts of this blender are completely free from BPA and other chemicals.
  • Dark-colored plastic parts plus the shiny finishing of stainless steel making it a modern-looking hand blender.
  • Because of the detachable design, it shows higher compatibility with the dishwasher.

9. KitchenAid KHB1231API Hand Blender

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You know that we have previously added the premium segment of hand blender from KitchenAid brand. RIght? And this time, we have decided to add a budget segment of hand blender with incredible features. It is the KitchenAid KHB1231API Hand Blender, which comes with a comparatively powerful motor than other ordinary immersion blenders.

The ergonomic design of this hand blender makes it easy for everyone to hold with a perfect but firm grip. There are a total of two-speed settings available for the primary rotating motor so that you can change the speed accordingly.

Top Features:

  • A measuring cup of plastic material is available with the upper lid out of the box with this blender.
  • The simple and elegant design is differentiating this hand blender from other cheap-looking ordinary blenders.
  • With this blender, you don’t need to worry about the food contamination issues because it comes with completely BPA-Free materials.

10. Chefman Hand-Mixer/Immersion Blender

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Finally, we are on the last spot of this list, and here we have decided to introduce a budget-friendly immersion blender with almost all features. So, this time we have added the Chefman Hand-Mixer/Immersion Blender. But do not try to judge this hand mixer with its price because it has almost all the essential and necessary features.

A 120 watts of the average powered main motor with a turbo boost peak of 300watts is present inside this blender. You can easily use this blender for multiple purposes, such as making sources, purees, smoothies, chopping vegetables, etc.

Top Features:

  • The matt finishing of the plastic body helps you to hold this blender in hand with a comfortable grip.
  • Detachable parts of this hand-mixer provide the convenience to clean it directly by the dishwasher.
  • With the help of two-speed settings, you can increase or decrease the rotating blades’ speed accordingly.

Final Words

If you are looking for a way to make the buying process of an immersion blender accurate and straightforward according to your needs, so, this whole in-detailed post on hand blenders was all about you. Here we have picked ten best immersion blenders after testing and filtering from dozens of options.