Front Load Bearings Washer Tub Bearing and Seal Kit with Nac…

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FRONT LOAD WASHER BEARING KITS (our Amazon seller name) is the brand name owner and only authorized seller of the brand “Front Load Bearings” At checkout be sure you are buying from FRONT LOAD WASHER BEARING KITS. Quality and customer service is our number one priority, ALWAYS!

If you are not sure if this part will work for your washer, please contact us with your model number and we will check for you. All of our bearing kits have High Quality Nachi Brand Bearings that are ABEC 1* grade We have personally installed over 500 of these bearing and seal kits in our repair business. The fastest washer out there spins at 1500 RPM and our bearings and seals are rated for more than 6 times that speed and load. The smallest bearings we use are rated for 1740 LBS and the bigger bearings go up to over 4700 LBS. That’s more weight than a Minivan. All our seals are high quality, fully sprung, double lip seals. We believe that we are sourcing the highest quality parts possible for this application and we back it up by providing each kit we sell with a 5 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY and TECH SUPPORT. *(ABEC)-Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. The ABEC scale is the industry accepted standard for the tolerances of ball bearings.

High Quality Nachi Brand Precision ABEC 1 rated bearings.
Guaranteed to be an exact fit plus FREE tech support.
All our seals are stainless steel sprung double lip seals.
Totally “No worries” return policy.