FUHUIM Portable Blender, Personal Size Blenders with 2400mAh Wate…

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Product Description


FUHUIM provide high quality and right product to each customer.


Filter mesh design

After you finish squeezing the juice, you can directly invert the cup, it will filter the fruit for you, and then you can directly drink the juice without impurities with the suction nozzle.


Direct drinking spout

Different from the straws provided by other products, our products are equipped with a direct-drinking spout. You can press the button on the back and the juice will flow out at the same time. Note: You must suck the juice to give it pressure so that the juice can be sucked smoothly.

Of course, you can open the juicer cup and pour the juice directly into the another cup to drink, which is more interesting!







Double-click to start

When you tighten the cup and the green light flashes, you can double-click to start the juicer cup.

Magnetic chuck design

Magnetic charging,
waterproof, different from the previous charging mode, more safe and secure.

Easy to clean

Whole body washable.
The drinking spout may be difficult to clean, we recommend that you unscrew the lid of the cup, use a small toothpick to clean the dirt inside, and rinse with water again, so that you can use it more safely and securely.

Detail about our portable personal size blender










FUA20056/FUA20057 Blue/Pink

Motor Power:


Charging method:

Magnetic charging

Battery capacity:

1200*2 2400mA

English manual

Blade material:


Motor speed:

16500±10% RPM



Bottle capacity:


Charging Cable


🥝【MAGNETIC CHARGING & DUAL BATTERY】-Waterproof Magnetic Charging Function. It can finish charged in 2.5 hours. Two pieces of lithium battery configuration, 50W power, stronger power, longer use time, 15 cups of juice can be squeezed on a single charge.
🍌【INTELLIGENT SAFETY SELF-CHECK FUNCTION】-Automatic Shutdown Function. If the blender is idling for more than 6-10 seconds, or the blade encounters a fruit with a harder core or super big pieces, which will automatically stop to protect the blade. Thereofre, we recommend that you cut the fruit into small pieces as much as possible during the process of juicing, turn it upside down and hold the juicer to fully shake it left and right to ensure that the blade fully touches each piece of fruit.
🍉【SUPER HUMANIZED DESIGN】-Pull Loop/Filter Mesh/Direct Drinking Spout Design. Pull loop is convenient for you to carry it at any time, or could put it in your bag directly. The filter screen can filter the residue of the fruit, and then the pure juice can be directly consumed by the direct drinking spout.
🍓【BPA-FREE SAFE MATERIALS】-Our products used advanced PC materials and do not contain BPA, ensuring the pure taste and safety of the fruit, can be used without any worries.
🍈【WHOLE BODY WASHABLE】-Simple and Easy to Clean. All parts of the whole Blender can be washed with water, and there will be no product failure or leakage. In addition, if there is any quality problem with the product within three months after you receive the goods, please contact us, and we will deal with it and refund you in time, hope to solve your requirements with our heart.