Hand Mixer Electric Handheld Cake Kitchen Mixer Upgrade 9-Speed 4…

Price: $29.59
(as of Sep 27,2021 22:54:45 UTC – Details)

🎂UPGRADE POWER ELECTRIC HAND MIXER🎂 The new generation Decorus electric hand mixer comes with a 400w motor, which is much powerful than most of traditional handheld mixers. A powerful 400w motor makes mixing different kinds of ingredients an easy task for cooks for all skill levels.
🍦9 SPEEDING SETTING🍦 The speeding setting of the hand mixer can be switched between the 9 various speeds for each task-at-hand. It is in the speed display status when the screen displayed of slowest to fastest), For mixing dry ingredients, start at a slow speed will effectively prevent messes and splatters. It is just the thing for the work of basic mixing, beating and creaming, like whipping cream or egg whites, cake batter, mashed potatoes, pizza dough.
🍝DIGITAL SCREEN WITH TIMER🍝 Comparing with a traditional hand mixer, Decorus electric hand mixer equipped with a digital screen with timer. Electric speed control system and automatic timer can help you precisely control the best speed and timing of your mixing.
🍨BUTTON-PRESSING OPERATION🍨 Decorus Hand mixer is controlled by pressing 4 buttons. It can easily help you adjust the mixing speed, look over the working time, start and stop the hand mixer at any time. A modern control system provides you a more flexible and convenient baking way.
🍪OVERHEAT PROTECTION SYSTEM🍪 To protect the service life of the motor, the electric hand mixer would automatically stop working after continuously or cumulatively work for 5 minutes. You can use it again after a few minutes later.