Hand Mixer Turbo Beaters, Suitable for W10490648, W10240913, PS40…

Price: $8.79
(as of Sep 18,2021 16:32:13 UTC – Details)

Hand mixer beaters is an essential culinary tool. The accessory easily attaches to your hand mixer and is for blending soups, smoothies, shakes, egg whites and etc.
Please confirm that your device model is included before purchasing: KHM3, KHM5, KHM7, KHM9, 4KHM512TCB0, KHM312WH0, KHM512BY0, KHM512CB0, KHM512CL0, KHM512ER0, KHM512GA0, KHM512IC0, KHM512LR0, KHM512MY0, KHM512OB0, KHM512PK0, KHM512TCB0, KHM512TER0, KHM512TG0, KHM512TWH0, KHM512WH0, KHM512WM0, KHM614CU0, KHM614WH0, KHM7211QBW0, KHM7211QCB0, KHM7211QER0, KHM7211QGA0, KHM7211QGC0, KHM7211QMY0, KHM7211QOB0, KHM7211QTG0, KHM7211QWH0, KHM929CU0.
Ideal Replacement: Good construction and quality for long lasting, great replacement beaters for kitchenaid hand mixer, no need to get a new mixer when the stock beater broke.
Turbo beater accessory made in food grade Stainless steel with smooth surface, super easy to wash them by hand.
Package Includes: Two kitchenaid hand mixer attachments(1 Left,1 Right), fits for many KHM series Kitchenaid hand mixers, Length 7″.