How to Clean Cast Iron Cookware?

From searing to sautéing, cast iron cookware can be used for everything. They are used widely because such types of cookware get highly heated when compared to the other varieties. At hot temperature, cooking time is less and yet exceptionally thorough. Creating a char over meat and pan-roasting veggies is just so easy with cast iron cookware. Every cook across the globe own at least one such cookware. After all, cast iron is something that many people enjoy cooking their foods on.

Clean Cast Iron Cookware

Other than this, the whole cleaning process of such type of cookware is also easy to achieve. And let’s not forget how inexpensive cast iron cookware is. There’s never a single reason why you should have them in your kitchen. However, in due time, we have realized that not many people know how to clean them. The cleaning of cast iron cookware is a bit different. Additionally, you are also supposed to dry them as soon as possible. This is because if you don’t, they will start developing rust over them.

Today, we will make you go through all the necessary steps that you must know to successfully clean cast iron cookware. Let us know all of them –

1. Use paper towels

After each use of the cast iron cookware, you must stick to wiping them with a clean paper towel. This will ensure the removal of excess oil from the surface of the cookware. Also, do this while the cookware is still hot as it is easier that way. Oil attracts a lot of grime and dust; hence you must remove it as soon as possible. You can also use paper towels that are high in absorbancy. They only take a few seconds to soak up all the grease and oil, which is a very good thing.

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2. Rinse them in hot water

As you may know, already hot water makes all kinds of cleaning process very easy. This principle also works with cast iron cookware. If you have used them for cooking your dishes for a long time, the cookware will require a deep clean. However, scrubbing without soaking will make your job tiresome. To avoid extra work, you can directly soak the cast iron cookware after wiping it. Do not forget to use hot water for the purpose, as that is what will dissolve food particles quickly in it.

3. Use a non-abrasive dish cleaning liquid

As you reach the supermarket, you will find a wide variety of dish cleaning liquids. Also, make sure these liquids are free of soap. However, you should only buy non-abrasive ones. Many people think that abrasive cleaners are the ones that will work with cast iron cookware is cast iron is a tough material. But that is not true. Also, you would not need to use a lot of cleaning liquid. Just a few drops will suffice. After all, it is the foam that does the cleaning. You can also try checking the micellar strength of the cleaning liquid if you wish to.

4. Use gentle non-metal scrubs

After you have done all the steps, now is the time to do some scrubbing. Do not forget that you have to be gentle with the process as you have already finished the primary cleaning (using paper towels and hot water). Metal scrubs will only cause scratches in the cookware, so we suggested you not to choose them. In the scrubbing process, go with a few drops of liquid cleaner and scrub as long as you spot feeling oil on the cookware’s surface. This will also let you know when you must stop.

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5. Removing rust from cast iron cookware

As you keep using cast iron cookware over time, it is likely to develop rust. If you dry it well after a wash, this can be avoided. However, when it is all done, preventative measures feel like nothing. In such a case, abrasive liquids will have to be used. There are also many liquids in the market that are only manufactured for targeting rust so you can go with those too. Other than that, if the cookware has developed a thick layer or coating of grime, the cleaner will remove those too. Just make sure you use them carefully.


We have come across many people who do not know how they can clean the cast iron cookware. Hence, they have a hard time maintaining and taking their care in the kitchen. Many also stop using them for cooking food just because they aren’t aware of the process. This is the reason why we had the idea of bringing to you what we have brought you above. Just read each step thoroughly and go with what we have suggested to you. You will realize that all our tips will help you a lot and make the cleaning process of this cookware very easy.