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Product Description


Professional Countertop Blender

The characteristics of the blender include pulse and 5 speeds, three-layer blade stainless steel blade, which can be used to process ice cubes, fruits and vegetables. The 48 ounce capacity mixer can make the operation process more stable.

Three layers of stainless steel blades can crush ice

Three layers of stainless steel blades can crush iceThree layers of stainless steel blades can crush ice

Easy to clean Mix hot water with a drop of dishwashing liquid, then start the button to clean without disassembly.

JUSANTE BlendersJUSANTE Blenders

Instructions for use

JUSANTE BlendersJUSANTE Blenders

1. Place the can on the can according to the direction of the arrow on the can, and the agitator has been assembled. Make sure that the can is placed on the can and touch the safety switch on the can.

2.Turn the switch button on “0” then make the implement connect to the power rating .

3.Put the vegetables or fruits into the jar, cover the lid and turn on the switch then start to work.

4.The vegetables or fruits should be cut into pieces of 15×15mm. If you want to see the blending process or add to the vegetables or fruits, just open the top cover.

5.When you blending the juice,must put the water and food.the ratio should be 3:2 of water and food.when you blending the ice also have to put some water inside before performance,the effect will be much better.

6.When finish,turn off the rotary switch and pull out the electircal plug, then transfer the juice into another ready container. We can wash the cover , the mug ,jar base and blade unit(be care of the blade for its sharp function) with clear water ,but the body can only be cleaned with wet cloths.

7.Select different speeds according to the vegetables’ or friuts’ capacity. Speed ‘1’is Low speed, speed ‘5’ is high speed, while “P” means the pulse function

The body is hard, and the bottle is made of transparent glass. With temperature control reset function, when the temperature is too high, the mixer will automatically stop operation
6-leaf removable stainless steel blade is hard and hard and can handle ice-water mixture, fruit, puree in seconds
With safety switch, when the body leaves the base and the speed is still rotating, the motor will automatically stop
The 48-ounce professional mixing bucket is ideal for making large batches of frozen beverages and smoothies for the entire family
The blender has five speeds with pulses. The speed “1” means low speed, the speed “5” means high speed, and “P” means pulse function. The operation is in a rotating manner, which is simple and convenient