Kealive Ice Maker Machine Countertop 40lbs/24H, 24 Ice Cubes…

Price: $219.99 - $179.99
(as of Jul 31,2021 05:16:02 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Are you annoyed when you want a cold drink and find out there is no ice?

Are you tired of always running to store to get ice?

Kealive countertop ice maker lead a better life.

Flexible Function

Frozen seafood

The use of ice cubes makes your food more flexible and convenient to refrigerate, instead of just putting a whole in the refrigerator to freeze

Casual drink

When you need to add some ice cubes to the freshly made beverage to improve the taste, the Kealive ice maker will be your wise choice.

Cold beer

Who drinks beer without refrigerating it?

The existence of the ice maker makes you no longer have to put beer in the refrigerator in advance when you want to have a drink with your friends.

For party

This counter table ice maker with a 24-hour output of 40 pounds ice cubes is enough to meet the needs of a family party. The convenience, efficiency and large capacity make it perfect for this job.

Our countertop ice maker’s advantages

Fast and efficient

Produce enough ice for a couple drinks in few minutes. You can enjoy cold drinks at any time without a long waiting.

Compact portable size

Perfect fits in countertop and doesn’t take up much room. Whether in the home kitchen, small bar or party, it will be your best choice.

24 crystal cubes one time

Real clear ice cubes, actual hard, melt slower and better taste.

High-quality ice cubes reflect the performance of an ice maker. Anyone can make ice, but not everyone can make good ice.

1 bucket x 4 = 1 ice bag

24 ice cubes ready in 15 minutes, surprise big storage can serves you ice all day.

Fast and quantity ice making: This countertop ice cube maker will get 24pcs of clear crystal, square ice cubes ready in just 15 minutes. It can store up 2.43 lbs of ice at a time and make up to 40 lbs in a day. Enough ice capacity and the quick cycle time ensures you’ll still have pretty good quantity for event when you have guests
Ice cubes of various thicknesses: Thick ice cubes have a longer service life than other machines that use frozen pin bullets. The resulting cube melts slowly, which means you need less ice. You can also adjust its thickness by pressing the timer “+” or “-” button on the control panel. The thicker the ice cube you choose, the longer it lasts. (Note that when you choose a longer ice-making time, the row of ice cubes may form a whole block, so that they cannot be split when falling)
Efficient and clear portable ice maker: Powered by 150 watts, the ice production is quiet and efficient. For those who produce large quantities of ice, this energy efficient ice machine will help you save on electricity bills. Meanwhile, in order to ensure that the ice cubes we produce are clear and clean enough, you can directly discharge the ice cubes that have not been used for a long time instead of secondary ice making
Simple electronic controls: Through its electronic LED screen, you can get notified when ice is ready or more water needs to be added. Once the ice basket is full, the machine automatically stops producing ice. No installation is required. All you need is to fill the required water level and plug it into a power source and leave the rest to the machine
Sturdy stainless steel ice maker: Stainless steel material used to construct the machine is durable which ensure years of extended use. Included in this package are a removable ice basket, and a scoop for filling your glass faster. 1-year after-sale service and 30-day return policy from “Kealive”. Made of food-grade material just for your health and safety