KHM2B W10490648 Hand Mixer Beater Accessories for K-itchenAid KHM…

Price: $6.99
(as of Sep 28,2021 11:03:25 UTC – Details)

Hand mixer beaters is an essential culinary tool for the dedicated cook. With more power than previous models and efficiently designed beaters, it speeds any mixing job.
Make your hand mixer even more versatile with the liquid blending rod. The accessory easily attaches to your hand mixer and is for blending soups, smoothies, shakes, egg whites and etc.

Stainless steel hand mixer turbo beaters replace for K-itchenAid mixer beaters.
Replaces part numbers: W10490648, AP5644233, W10240913, 9707242, 8212348, 2684432, 3181106, 3181447, 8212346, 8212347, 9702828, 9702829, PS4082859.
Fits many KHM series K-itchenaid hand mixers. This is for a package of two K-itchenaid hand mixer beaters.
Fits models: KHM3, KHM5, KHM7, KHM9, 4KHM512TCB0, KHM312WH0, KHM512BY0, KHM512CB0, KHM512CL0, KHM512ER0, KHM512GA0, KHM512IC0, KHM512LR0, KHM512MY0, KHM512OB0, KHM512PK0, KHM512TCB0, KHM512TER0, KHM512TG0, KHM512TWH0, KHM512WH0, KHM512WM0, KHM614CU0, KHM614WH0, KHM7211QBW0, KHM7211QCB0, KHM7211QER0, KHM7211QGA0, KHM7211QGC0, KHM7211QMY0, KHM7211QOB0, KHM7211QTG0, KHM7211QWH0, KHM929CU0.
Stainless steel turbo beater accessories for mixing cookie and cake batter recipes and so much more.