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Product Description


Plodon provides the best products and the best service

Plodon food processor is a product full of design. The designers have spent a long time continuously improving and upgrading its appearance, function and materials. Finally, Plodon food processor has become a good assistant in the kitchen, making your life more convenient and simple.

REMINDER: Please be careful with sharp blades and do not let children use it!


Plodon Multi-purpose Food processors

Plodon mini food processor is one of the best food chopper. It has a cute and cool appearance, and it can quickly help you handle all kinds of cooking ingredients. Such as pumpkin, meat, carrots, nuts, vegetables, fruits, chili, peanut, garlic, etc.







Optimization and Upgrade

6 leaf 304 stainless steel knife chopped without particles
Stabilized and reinforced explosion-proof protective cover
Thickened high borosilicate glass
300ml balanced capacity
Split design cleans no dead corners
Three-dimensional spoiler column fully whipped

Powerful Motor

Plodon upgrade motor

25000 rpm high speed motor

Fast speed can make food more delicate

Other traditional old motors

18000 rpm low speed motor

Low speed and slow grinding of food for more particles

Plodon Baby Food Processor

Food grade 304 stainless steel blades, 6 blades mixer the food more delicately, very suitable for making food for baby

Others old processor

There are only 4 blades in 2 layers, and the food to be mixer is rougher


Designed and Selected Food-Grade Materials, BPA-FREE

Food grade PP material, no peculiar smell

Removable and washable design, easy to clean

304 stainless steel blade, safer and healthier

Food grade high borosilicate glass


Silent Operation

When Plodon food processor is running and mixing ingredients, there is almost no voice, so your baby and family can sleep at ease without being disturbed.



Thickened high borosilicate glass + writing protective cover, safer and more durable.

Every detail is meticulously designed for customers, professional and focused on the product, continuously improving the value of Plodon, and providing better services to more customers.


Three-Dimensional Spoiler Design

Fully chopped food, more delicate

Suitable for all kinds of food, meat, vegetables and fruits






Stunning Color Scheme

Every color is so lovely, Plodon baby food maker, astronaut who brings convenience and fun to the kitchen, please take it home

Quiet Operation: Plodon small food processor is the best food processor. Plodon food processors thickened cups and stable silent bearings can minimize the sound. Just press a button to prepare the perfect and exquisite food for the baby.
Excellent Quality: Piodon food grinder adopts PPSU material shell and 304 stainless steel blades. The excellent material of the baby bullet and the powerful motor can easily deal with hard food. Reminder : Please be careful with sharp blades and do not let children use it!
Astronaut Shape Design: The Astronaut shape design of Plodon Baby Food Maker is very cool and interesting. Just hit the top lightly, Plodon food processor allows you to easily operate and process the food your baby needs. And the product is easy to disassemble and clean.
Safer & Healthier: Plodon baby food processor has passed the market certification and has been praised by many beautiful mothers. Please rest assured to buy this Baby Food Maker to make your life easier and make your baby eat healthier.