Ninja Professional BL710WM 1000 Watt Smoothie Maker Margarita Mix…

Price: $109.88
(as of Sep 27,2021 11:31:51 UTC – Details)

Start slimming down with breakfast smoothies or usher in the weekend with a batch of frosty margaritas thanks to the Ninja Professional 1000W Smoothie Kitchen Blender Mixer (Certified Refurbished). This compact countertop blender might not take up a lot of real-estate, but more than leaves its mark This kitchen smoothie blender has a 1000-watt motor that brings plenty of power. Whether you’re just pulsing together pancake batter or freshly-grinding coffee beans for your French press, the motor is more than up to the challenge. Its clear, shatter-resistant plastic pitcher holds up to 72 ounces (max 64-ounce liquid fill capacity recommended) with clear measurement marks printed on its surface. The lid seals tightly, preventing even the smallest drops from escaping with a snap-close pour spout that makes serving up your sauces and salsas easy as well as letting you add ingredients while the blender is running. The countertop margarita maker blender has a stacked Total Crushing blade design that prevents it from jamming or locking up with thick liquids or tough ingredients Whether in the home or professional kitchen, the Ninja Professional 1000W Blender is a tireless and indispensable helper.

MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: Chop, dice, mince, mix, blend, puree (and more) veggies, fruits, grains, and other ingredients
IDEAL FOR ALL MEALS AND SNACKS: Perfect for use as a small food processor for meal prep, a blender for nutritious smoothies, or a margarita station for your patio party
XL PITCHER: 72-ounce blend pitcher is extra-large, letting you make large batches and multiple servings in 1 go
POWERFUL DESIGN: 1000-watt motor is powerful enough to chew through ice, fibrous vegetables, meat, and anything else you can throw at it; stacked Total Crushing blade assembly provides superior blending performance and won’t easily clog or jam
SNUG LID: Tight-fitting lid prevents messes and features a snap-close pour spout for drink service