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Air fryerAir fryer

air fryersair fryers

Ruigo air fryer makes ‘healthy fried foods’ a reality

Using futuristic air technology, this appliance handles any cooking, baking, or frying task, creating the crispy fried texture you love with fewer calories.

The sleek, rounded shape and glossy finish earns this airfryer a prime spot on countertops – all while remaining compact and easy to store.


2.3 air fryer

2.3 air fryer

hot air fryer

hot air fryer

air fryer best

air fryer best

Flat Basket Design

With a 2.3-quart capacity and a sleek round design, cook quick and healthy meals without overcrowding your countertop. The removable flat basket holds 40% more food than traditional air fryer baskets while still remaining compact and easy to store.

Easy to Clean

Ruigo Fry Pan Basket and Base Tray have a PFOA-free non-stick coating to ensure food does not stick. Plus, all removable parts of the Ruigo air fryer are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Non Stick

The nonstick coating keeps food from bonding to the surface.and cleans easily so you can be air frying again in no time!

air fryer smallair fryer small

air fryer miniair fryer mini

Healthy Cooking Way

The air fryer uses up to 80% less fat than traditionally deep-fried food while maintaining the same delicious taste, making it the perfect gift for family or friends

Ruigo Air Fryer -Fry with Less Oil

Love deep-fried food but don’t want all that oil? Air fryer gives you the best of both. It uses hot air circulation to evenly cook food that would otherwise be submerged in hot oil. 2’3 qt. basket offer various solutions for easy and quick weeknight meals for the whole family.

Easy Cooking Ideas from 50 Recipes

Muffin Breakfast Sandwich: 10-15 mins

BBQ Bacon: 8-12 mins

Pork chops:10-14 mins

Home-made fries (8x8mm):18-25 mins

Chocolate Soufflé: 20-25 mins

small air fryers small air fryers

COMPACT SIZE: The PFOA/PTFE free non-stick pan and rack hold 2.3L or up to 1.7lb of food Perfect for personal use or when cooking for a few. Cook faster and more safely than in oil, eliminating splatter burns and reducing electricity use.
HEALTHY EATING by cooking with 85% less oil for fat-free delicious meals. Same flavor and crispy finish without the added calories! Simply add food to the drawer pan, add a tbsp of oil if desired, set temp/time, and start cooking!
ETL APPROVED 900-Watt/2200V Air fryer with 2.3 L capacity is ideal for home kitchen use. Dishwasher safe removable PFOA/PTFE free non-stick Coated 2.3 L drawer pan with removable frying rack for fast, easy clean-up.
VERSATILE: this is the perfect appliance for picky eaters, smaller quantities, or those who have busy schedules Appetizers to desserts, 1 dozen chicken wings, 1lb French fries, even baked goods, and all within minutes of setting the timer – it couldn’t be easier!
1-YEAR AND US BASED customer support team lets you buy with Confidence. The elite platinum 2.3L. Air fryer includes the air fryer base, Removable drawer pan, removable rack and instruction manual.