SUPER DEAL PRO Money Bill Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Co…

Price: $90.99
(as of Sep 27,2021 22:36:16 UTC – Details)

With 99.99% reliability the highly advanced sensors detects even the smallest anomaly in bills, SUPER DEAL Cash Counter is the gadget for you!

Able to count 999 bills/minute, the electronic bill counter:

Works flawlessly right out of the box
2 LCD displays. 180°rotating display 
Takes the work out of counting stacks of bills
Counts the total number of bills
Detects half notes, broken, chain, double, and counterfeit bills
Allows you to batch any units required for your specifications
Automatic start, stop, and error clearing functions
Highly reliable thanks to its UV, MG, and IR sensors
Will alarm when fraudulent bill are detected.
Adjustable display and external display
Top-loading hopper, holds up to 200 bills
Easy to clean and maintain
NO Value Counting Function

Keeping track of cash with a money counter is miles better than doing the job manually. Besides increased efficiency, is so much more accurate to rely on a powerful machine that also comes with important security features to detect counterfeit bills. SUPER DEAL money counter is pretty much essential for anyone who wishes to run a business as smoothly as possible.
Fast and Convenient Operation. 1. Counts at a fast 999 bills per minute, saving you time and effort. 2. Convenient front loading hopper easily holds 200 bills at a time. 3. Automatically starts counting when bills are placed in the hopper, and automatically stops counting when bills run out.
Integrated Counterfeit Detection. Ultraviolet (UV, Infrared (IR), Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection. The machine will run an automatic self-test every time it is turned on to ensure accurate bill counting.
Power conservation. Power consumption operating modes of less than 90W when working and less than 3W when idle. It is a serious workhorse, capable of putting in four consecutive hours while keeping track of up to 1,200 notes per minute without jamming or overheating.
It works quietly in the background at less than 60 dB, so it won’t distract you from concentrating on more important tasks while it does its job. Features a large easy-to-read LED display and is capable of automatic self testing. Don’t let its budget-friendly price tag fool you, it really does a great job!