TOOLFLIFE 2 PCS W10490648 Hand Mixer Turbo Beaters for KitchenAid…

Price: $9.99
(as of Sep 28,2021 12:24:40 UTC – Details)

The hand blender beater is an indispensable cooking tool for dedicated chefs. This stainless steel turbine agitator is an accurate replacement product of Kitchenaid No. W10490648. Compared with the previous model, it has a higher power and efficient design of agitator due to the column-free design. This accessory can be easily connected to a hand-held mixer for mixing soups, smoothies, milkshakes, egg whites, etc.
Replaces Parts: AP5644233, W10240913, 9707242, 8212348, 2684432, 3181106, 3181447, 8212346, 8212347, 9702828, 9702829, PS4082859 .Please confirm that your device model is included before ordering.
The hand mixer beaters fits many KHM series Kitchenaid hand mixers. This is for a package of 2 kitchenaid hand mixer attachments.
High-quality quality: Durable & High quality stainless steel hand mixer beaters are made of high-quality materials ,Waterproof and Rustproof, have a long service life.
Fits many KHM series Kitchenaid hand mixers: KHM3, KHM5, KHM7, KHM9, 4KHM512TCB0, KHM312WH0, KHM512BY0, KHM512CB0, KHM512CL0, KHM512ER0, KHM512GA0, KHM512IC0, KHM512LR0, KHM512MY0, KHM512OB0, KHM512PK0, KHM512TCB0, KHM512TER0, KHM512TG0, KHM512TWH0, KHM512WH0, KHM512WM0, KHM614CU0, KHM614WH0, KHM7211QBW0, KHM7211QCB0, KHM7211QER0, KHM7211QGA0, KHM7211QGC0, KHM7211QMY0, KHM7211QOB0, KHM7211QTG0, KHM7211QWH0, KHM929CU0.
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