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A high-quality Dorci Safe Cutter for Kitchen is a great blender which consists of high-quality environmentally friendly PP-material made of stainless steel which can be featured with anti-corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and safe eating, at the same time it’s durable and more resistant to falls. Make grinding easier – use a Dorci Wireless Mini Food Blender – it is simply – just press the button at the top to mix automatically without having to grind manually. If you want to ease your life, you must obviously order Dorci Safe Cutter for Kitchen – everything you need is to double click to start, preset 40 seconds for quick juicing and smooth taste, you won’t need to chop something manually. High-quality Dorci portable blender consists of high-quality environmentally friendly PP-material, made of stainless steel, which features anti-corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and safe eating, reliability and more resistant to falls. Dorci Wireless Mini Food Blender has a capacity of 250 ml, which is comfortable and easy to keep.Dorci Mixer is a finding for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to get vitamins here and now! Thanks to this Dorci chopper you won’t need to wait longer to wait for your favorite smoothie – make it just by having bought the ingredients in the shop! Product Specifications:
✔Available in Pink
✔Material: stainless steel + PP
✔Rated current: 1A
✔Rated power: 45W
✔Capacity: 250ml
✔Dimensions: 5.12*3.62 (13*9.2 cm)
✔User Manual
✔Charging cable Fill in your life with delicious food flavors and tastes – order Dorci USB rechargeable portable blender immediately!

✔MINIMUM NOISE: There is a 45W low-power motor, fully stirs, it effectively reduces a noise, and has a long service life. The cup mouth is provided with magnetic introduction. The lid is provided with the elastic induction lamp which can be started only after being tightened. It is double protected with magnetic induction. Quiet – light design, low level of noise.
✔FAST SIMPLE QUALITY: Be sure that Dorci USB chopper has many reasons to choose it, namely: Dorci wireless mini food blender has been adhering to the ingenuity of production; Safe Materials – carefully selected food grade materials.
✔EASY to CLEAN: You will enjoy convenient cleaning in 1 key click. You will need to do just 3 simple steps: fill the glass with water, double-click the launcher, automatic 40 swashing, then it can be switched just with 1 click; Easy to Clean – simple three step cleaning; Wireless juicing – light and portable, wireless power supply; Intimate design – hidden tool head/magnet start.
✔MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: Our unique Dorci chopper is multifunctional because it can chop garlic, ginger, pepper, peanut, walnut and other products, so that young mums and dads will be also able to make delicious puree for babies at double click! Dorci device can make complementary foods, juices, milkshakes, desserts, smoothies. What else can a person desire?! Order it and enjoy your life!
✔USB CHARGING: Dorci Food blender can be used long, it is easy to transport and suitable for families, camping, picnicking and travelling. A variety of charging methods are common; the power can become full at any time. Full charge can be pressed for 8 times continuously.